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Services Offered

 Individual Therapy - Couple's Therapy - Groups - Supervision


Individual Sessions & Couple's Therapy:  Sessions are by appointment only. I have a limited practice at this time.


The first appointment is an intake session and will be approximately 90 minutes. Following sessions will be 60 minutes. Couple's sessions are 60 - 90 minutes. 


During the initial intake, we will discuss what brings you to therapy and which approach is best for you. The most important aspect of our work is the establishment of a trusting therapeutic relationship. I understand therapy to be a collaborative process. It is important that you feel there is a good fit between us and that you will feel comfortable asking questions about our work together.  


Confidentiality is one of the critical ingredients in achieving a sense of mutual trust in a therapeutic relationship. Strict confidentiality between therapist and client changes only when it is determined that someone's personal safety is in jeopardy.


Groups:  Groups will be process-oriented to meet the needs of the participants. I have experience facilitating groups that focus on the use of dreams for self-growth based on the work of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung (1875 - 1961). I have also facilitated groups focused on recovery from disordered eating and self-injury.


Supervision:  I provide supervision for individuals seeking licensure in the state of Mississippi as a licensed professional counselor if you have received a Master's degree.








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